These feathers are created with 8-9 pieces. Designed with iridescent blue shade, pinks, and purples.  This piece is inspired from my insane love of birds.


These feathers are from my own design, as well as all my designs. They aren't a specific bird they are just a design that came from my brain. Some are very colorful with blues, greens, yellows, purples, and oranges. While others are black and white, or grey with a blast of contrast.


I started doing mosaics and that’s how I got into this glass business. I had all the things I needed to create a sun catcher or traditional stained glass. I originally decided not to, because of one simple word… fear. I didn't know what to do. So finally one night, I decided to make a pair of feathers. I stayed up all night, cutting, grinding and soldering away until I finished. I created my first pair! They weren't great by any means, but nothing is the first time.


So that’s my inspiration for these feathers! They shed light and brightness to you when you feel like you might not know where to start; or as inspiration for every beginning. Plus you can put feathers with anything and it makes it pretty.


Choose your preferred color combonation  in the dropdown menu. 


  • Each mosaic and sun catcher is unique. Of course, they can look very similar! The truth is, every sheet of glass is different, and my cuts aren’t the exact same every single time. That is the nature of this glass art. It also ensures your piece is exactly one of a kind.

    Handcrafted with the copper foil method and soldered together. With a finishing touch of cleaning and polishing, it is ready to display.

  • If your product is damaged upon arrival, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the damaged package. If you contact us in the time frame above, we will be happy to assist you. We will try our best to get a replacement to you in a timely manner. I do not accept returns or exchanges all sales are final. Please ask any questions before purchasing.

    *Due to glass availability and style, replacement pieces may not look exactly like the first piece, but we do our best to match.